Prototype 2 utilises a 4-bar version of our patent pending technology. 
The idler is attached to the rocker link, and it moves rearward/upward as the suspension compresses. 
This bike has a few neat benefits over P1: It has a progressive leverage ratio, less anti-rise, and is laterally stiffer. 
It also weighs a lot less: 16.5kg as pictured. 

Vertical Wheel Travel: 200mm
Horizontal Wheel Travel: 78.5mm
Weight: 16.5kg
Shock: 8.75" x 2.75" Cane Creek Double Barrel
Frame Material: 4130 Chromoly (Links 7075 Aluminium)

Geometry - Fully Extended:
Head Angle: 64deg
Wheelbase: 1170mm
Chainstays: 415mm
BB in line with axles (roughly 340mm above ground - depending on tyres).

Geometry - Sagged 33% F&R:
Head Angle: 63.7deg
Wheelbase: 1186mm
BB Height: 65mm below axles (roughly equates to 275mm off ground – depending on tyres).
Chainstays: 460mm


P2 uses the same philosophy as P1 for designing the acceleration response.
It features a low point of anti-squat around sag, and increases through the pedalling zone.
This increasing anti-squat value provides a dynamically stable system when pedalling.
Beyond about 70% travel, it's no longer necessary to have a supportive pedalling platform, so the anti-squat can be reduced to minimise pedal feedback on bigger suspension compressions.


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